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Zakat is payment made annually by adult Muslim who is mentally stable and financially able under Islamic law on certain kinds of property and used for charitable and religious purposes, one of the Five Pillars of Islam.
Zakat is the amount of money that every adult Muslim who is mentally stable and financially able should pay annually to support the poor and needy.
According to Al-Shawkani:
“Linguistically, Zakat means growth; one says Zaka az-Zar meaning the plant grew up. It can also mean ‘purification.’In Shari’ah, it implies both meanings. The first meaning is construed as to cause growth in wealth, or as to cause more reward or as to pertain to increasing wealth, such as is the case in commerce and agriculture. This first meaning is supported by the Tradition. ‘No wealth decreases because of Sadaqat (Zakat);’ owing to the fact that its reward is multiple. There is also the Tradition: ‘God increases the reward of Sadaqat.’ The second meaning is construed to imply that Zakat purifies the human soul from the vice of avarice as well as sins.”

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Electronic zakat is one of the channels to pay zakat, or in other words we can pay zakat through online. Zakat online payment service provides users to pay the zakat from their bank account or credit cards, and even via SMS. In today’s technology-reliant age, an ever-increasing number of people are using the power of the internet to avail a host of services

Online payment is one of an approach by electronic payment or better-known as e-payment. It is capable to implement payment process through the network internet with simple way and fast without use the manual process.

Parallel with progress of information technology (IT), institution of zakat as Majlis Agama Islam in Malaysia already diversify method of zakat payment to Muslims in Malaysia with a view to save time and simplify mode of zakat payment.


According to The Malaysia Insider, in article on Nov 12, 2012 “Now, Muslims can easily settle their zakat dues online by visiting the PPZ-MAIWP portal.

The portal at http://www.zakat.com.my proves to be popular as Muslims can pay their zakat at their convenience.

From August to December last year, the PPZ received RM 266,638.28 in zakat payments from 740 individuals and this amount was 10 per cent of the total zakat payment made via the PPZ-MAIWP portal.

From January to August this year, 613 more individuals made zakat payments through salary deduction and the total amount came out to be RM75,878.

It shows that more zakat collection via online and this method of payment are well recognized and accepted by Malaysian.

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The Zakat e-payment facility is the official online platform for Muslims community to fulfill their Zakat obligation at their convenience at their home or office. This method of payment is suitable for the internet savvy and for those who are busy to physically go to the collection Centre. Also the existance of gadget likes smart phone and tablet, will be fully utilzed as a medium to perform the third Pillars of Islam.

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People can choose to pay via credit card, debit card or direct from the banks or zakat institution that provide the service of online zakat payment. For example, Bank Islam had offered the service called Financial Process Exchange (FTP). This facility which launched between Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad and Majlis Agama Selangor (MAIS)

“Bank Islam now provides the convenience of zakat payment from the comfort of homes or anywhere in the world. This online payment service is in line with Bank Islam’s objective to continuously provide more value added services to our customers,” said Dato’Noorazman A.Aziz, Managing Director of Bank Islam.

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Before we calculate our portion to pay zakat, I would like to share the conditions of Zakat:

  • Full Possession
  • Real or Assumed Growth
  • Fulfilling the Nisab (Minimum Amount Liable to Zakah)
  • Fulfilling One’s Basic Needs
  • The Lapse of a Full Year
  • Forbidding Twice Payment of Zakah at the Same Year

Let’s calculate our zakat as per below link.


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